VwS Announces Black Ops 3 Roster

Tue 24th Nov 2015 - 10:52pm : Gaming

VwS Gaming is proud to announce our new European Call of Duty roster for the Black Ops 3 2015-2016 season! After the past VwS Call of Duty roster disbanding and parting different ways, we wanted to pick up another experienced roster with potential to be ranked amongst the top teams internationally. It gives us great pleasure to announce our new European roster:

AJ "aMaZe" McClure

Callum "Agon" Walsh

Darren "McGee" McGee

Alex "Pascoe" Pascoe

We've decided to interview team captain AJ "aMaZe" McClure about the upcoming season.

Q: How do you feel heading into the Black Ops 3 season, switching from Advanced Warfare?

A: I'm excited to be honest. I didn't enjoy Advanced Warfare as a whole and kind of felt as if I was playing it to stay relevant with in the scene. Black ops 3 is a lot like Black ops 2, which was my best and most successful title so hopefully I'm back at my best!

Q: Do you feel confident, having to play the online qualifiers for the Call of Duty World League?

A: Yes i am very confident. I'm in a very solid roster that has alot of slaying power and experience, so if we can work out how to play the game properly we can do some heavy damage. We have all been there before so its just trying to replicate what we have proven in the past.

Q: What are your goals, when and if, qualified for the World League?

A: Our goals are to qualify for the world league and put Europe on the map within the COD scene. We have always fell short when it comes to the finals but this year we are putting in more time than ever to ensure we succeed.

Q: how do you feel representing VwS Gaming in the 2015/2016 season?

A: I am really privileged to be apart of VwS as it is run by a great management team and we want to do them proud. We as a roster believe we should be competing at the top, and with VwS support I believe we can achieve this.


Joe Levy

Joe Levy

Joe Levy

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